Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will refinishing my guitar change the tone?

A: We use a process whose end result is a much thinner finish than the factory usually ends up with. This allows the guitar to transfer the tone from the wood, usually giving a better tone than most factory finished guitars. This also depends on the wood that the body is made from.

Q: Do you strip my old finish off or cover it up?

A: Most instruments get chemically stripped before starting on the new finish.

Q: How long does it take before I get my guitar back?

A: Please see the UPDATE

Q: How do I get my guitar to you and how do you send it back?

A: I have specially trained carrier pigeons. But when they're not feeling up to the weather, I use UPS, FedEx, or USPS.

Q: What if my instrument isn't listed on your site?

A: Simple... Call or email for a quote.

Q: Will I be a rock star if you paint my guitar?

A: Okee dokee... sure... But your eyes will dry up because you put your guitar out on a stand to stare at it and you forgot to blink; even when your mom called you down for your pork chops and tater tots TV dinner!!