Marty Bell
A little about me...

Hi, I'm Marty Bell, and welcome to my guitar finish site. I hope it informs you and gives you the confidence in knowing that your instrument will receive a superior finish that will increase its appearance, feel, and overall tone.

I offer factory quality finishes for guitars, basses, violins, drums, and specialty products with a rapid turnaround at an affordable price.

I began finishing guitars in 1990 in Houston, Tx. After working in the automotive painting industry for 15 years prior and as a working musician part time, I saw the need for affordable finish work and began to work on a program that would be more affordable for the average person. After working close with some of the countries better guitar factories, I merged polyester base-coating with urethane top-coating. This resulted in a thin, hard and durable finish resulting in a rapid turnaround time with low sinkage and a positive effect on the overall tone of an instrument. Along the way, I researched over the span of a year into the best program for sparkle finishes. And through the mid 1990s our sparkle finishes became world wide. Thanks to G&L Guitars, and a few renowned players, our Sparkle finishes are still the finest and most sought after to date.

I have done work for G&L Guitars, Robin Guitars, and AllParts. I have also had the opportunity and pleasure of doing work for quite a few well known artist.

I also service music stores around the country as well as authorized warranty repair centers for some of the top guitar lines; such as Gibson, Martin and Fender Guitars. It doesn't matter if you're a celebrity or a starving artist, I treat every guitar the same. Each and every finish is better than most factory standards.

Thanks , and I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Marty Bell