For over thirty years now I have been serving our domestic and international communities with our finishing service. We have finished guitars and basses and specialty products for some of the finest musicians, writers, producers, top named artists and let's not forget the guitar builders and manufacturers.

It’s been my pleasure to finish so many many projects for all of my loyal customers, but after this many years my abilities are slowly becoming challenged by sight loss due to advancing Glaucoma. Although I’m still able to do much of the finishing process, (Thanks to my Wife) the loss of sight has caused limitations on my abilities of many aspects of this highly demanding skill.

I am therefore now in a state of semi retirement, and although still taking in some jobs, many of new job request I either will not take in, or I will refer them over to another finishing facility.

Please don’t be offended if I do not take on your request. If I don’t feel I can render you the best quality, I will do us both the best service by directing your request to another skilled facility. The website will stay up until I move into a full state of retirement, and I’m not sure how many years that will continue to be.

And I would like to say again thank you all for many years of giving me the enjoyment of making your guitar project and repairs come to life.

Marty Bell